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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


being a human is not an easy this life nothing's easy...if we want to get something we have to work for it..we have to face many obstacles to achieve our dream..NO PAIN, NO GAIN! that's's not a destination, it's a long journey..every problems that we face along the journey will teach us to be stronger and stronger. if we fail, we have to wake up..if we get lost, we have to start again..let by gone be by gone..a human that's never make a mistake actually never learn something new..

maybe sometime we asked ourselves, why this thing happened to me? why i have to do this? why. why and why..we keep asking ourselves but we never try to search the answer..we blame others but we never know maybe it was our mistake..we never know maybe that thing is good for us..maybe not now but in the future, we never know about that..always remember, Allah never burden us with something that we cannot accept it..Allah always know what's best for us..

i wrote this because i want to share my opinion, yesterday i asked myself, why i should study hard? why i should be hardworking? because i want to be a successful human..i want to make my parent proud of me..i want to contribute something to my family, community and also my country..i must do it! because that's life for..but never forget to pray and ask for Allah's success without the bless from Him..