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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's read the Holy Quran!!

Alhamdulillah..praise be to Allah for making today as a very wonderful day! (^_^) Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah cuz we are still breathing in the holy month of Ramadhan (^_^) Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for making us as muslim today and forever, insyaAllah (^_^)...Alhamdulillah..all praises to Allah.. i have a very interesting topic to be shared, insyaAllah..I'll start with a story..

there was a guy, a very pious night, he woke up and did night prayer and he was able to finish the whole Quran in his tahajud, the next day, he went to see his teacher and he told the teacher about that. When the teacher heard about it, he asked this guy to do the same thing again tonight but read the Holy Quran with the feeling that the teacher was watching him. This guy did, the next day, he went to meet the teacher again and he told his teacher that he was only able to finish about half of the Quran..again, the teacher asked this guy to do the same that night but recite the verses of the Holy Quran with the feeling that the companions(sahabah) were watching him. This guy followed what the teacher asked him and now he was only manage to finish about one juzu' of the Quran..then he told his teacher and again the teacher asked him to read the Holy Quran in his prayer with the feeling that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was watching, the thing went on and he managed to finish only one surah from the Quran and finally his teacher asked him to read the Quran with the feeling that Allah was watching he did it and as the result, he was unable to finish even Al-Fatihah..he stopped after he read the fifth verse of Al-Fatihah which is 

                                 "It is You we worship and You we ask for help."

and the teacher told this guy.."now,you are more qualified to be my teacher than me myself,"
just now, Alhamdulillah, I started tadarus (reciting Al-Quran together) with my roommate..things is going very well..but honestly, when I was reciting the holy Quran with my friend, I'll be more careful than when I recite it alone...why? because honestly, I will feel ashamed if my friend corrects my recitation..actually, it's not something to be ashamed of because everyday we are learning and we can only learn when we do a mistake. But my main point here is that, why do we have to be careful only when we read in front of our friend but not when we are alone? Is it because we think that nobody will know that we do a mistake when we read alone? That is the problem..we tend to forget that Allah is always watching us, He hears every single thing that we say and even the things that we think..Allah will, let's recite the Quran carefully with the correct tajwid no matter when we are alone or in front of our friend..

i just wrote the first point that I want to share which is read the Holy Quran with the feeling of God-presence..and the second point is sometimes the student can be better than the, whatever we do in our life, always follow what the teachers told us (as long as it is in line with shari'ah) and insyaAllah we can be even better than them..I'm not saying that we should compete with our teacher but we should always do our best in every single thing that we involve in..and of course if we become a better person, our teachers will be proud of us..insyaAllah..

by the way..i really hope that you get my point..i'm actually practicing for my MUET the day after tomorrow so that's why i'm writing in english..and i believe the vocabulary that i used is simple and easy to be understood..

last from me..let's increase the quality and the quantity of our ibadah in this holy month..grab as much rewards as we's once in a year man!! SO, LET'S DO IT!! EAT LESS, THINK MORE, DO MORE!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

kisah 3 minggu lalu..

Huh!! da lme x update blog mslh teknikal ckit..btw, i'm glad that i still be able to spend my time writing this..alhamdulillah..sbnrnye ni ksh tyme awl bln tujuh bru2 baru bksmpatan nak, enjoy!! n moga bermanfaat..insyaAllah (^_^)

hari tu sy x tau knape..keinginan nak g Floria 2012 kat putrajy mmbuak-buak..heh, berangan je la ble tau betape jauhnye nk gi sne drpd gombak..impian hancur berkecai! but you know what?? during the last sujud of my zuhr prayer, sy doa..ya Allah, izinkan sy pi Floria..lps solat baru fikir, ntah pe2 la yg aku mintak nih, ngarut je..ish3..

then..nothing happen...ptg tu sibuk wat assingment ngan kwn2...pastu pas asar..tetibe teringat de sorg kwn kat putrajye..ya, idea pun dtg start plan cne nak g putrajya..pastu mlm tu gak kuar (sila jgn tiru aksi ini)..x elok pmpuan kuar mlm2..ish3..but, you's like dream come true!! ble sy duk kt floria tu sy rs cam dlm mmpi je..serius! rs cam x cye da de kat putrajaya..alhamdulillah..terima kasih Allah sbb mengabulkan doa sy..

that's the fiz point! whatever you want, don't ask from human but ask from Allah cuz He is the only One who can grant your wish...pe2 je yg kte nak..mintak je..klo x dpt mknenye Allah da provide something better utk kte pd ms dpn or mgkin  pe yg kte nak tu x bagus utk kte or mgkin doa kte akan jd saham utk kte kt akhirat nanti..tgk, x rugi pun spend mase tuk mntak pada Allah..untung de lah!

k. next..sambung cte..mlm tu tidoq kt umah sok dy bw g rock climbg..huh, sy ni dah la jenis penakut, nak suruh plak pnjt bnde2 cam tu..hehe, btw, i enjoyed it so much! to one extant that i injured my leg!! doc ckp x la teruk, muscle sprain je but still it takes weeks to sbnrnye klo nak compare keskitan tu ngan ukhwah yg's like nothing..setiap kali kaki sy rse sakit, i told myself..this pain will be gone but the friendship will berbaloi la kan..

ble kte buat sesuatu sbb Allah, pe2 pun musibah yg menimpa kte akan view bnda tu sbgai sesuatu yg positif..mlm nak g putrajya tu sy ngan roomate tggu bas agk lme smpai kitorg hampir2 decide nak nek soon as sy betulkan niat niat, ya Allah moga perjalann ni akan eratkan lg ukhwah sy ngan kwn sye..moga Allah redha..bas pun muncul, alhamdulillah..mgkin Allah nak sy betulkan niat dlu kot..g putrjy bkn semata-mata utk tgk bunga2 yg cantik tp utk membina ukhwah kerana Allah...

so, itulah second point! whatever we do, do it for the sake of Allah..insyaAllah walau pe pun yg berlaku kte x kan kecewa sbb kte tahu Allah sentiasa inginkan yg terbaik tuk kte..Allah tu sntiasa berikan yg terbaik utk kte..cme kte ni je kdg2 ego ngan nak spend masa utk beribadh pada Allah..lg suke tidoq, tgk movie, lepk2 buang mse..itulah Allah tu betapa sygnye Dia pd kte..setiap kali kte wat dosa pstu kte mnta maaf..Allah akan ampunkan..betapa Allah still sygkan kte, setiap hari kte bgkit drpada tidur, kita msh lagi sihat, mampu bernafas, masih lagi mendapat cahaya Islam..Alhamdulillah..lecturer sy slalu pesan, "as soon as you wake up in the morning say Alhamdulillah for making you as a human and as a Muslim,"

so, to my roommate..jazakillahukhair for spending your time with me, to my twin frens and family, jazakumullahukhair (may Allah reward all of you with goodness) for giving us shelter for one night, provided us with food n drinks, was a very wonderful memory that we had..moga ukhwah kte berkekalan..insyaAllah (^_^)